Abandon Ship
February 7, 2002
I don't often forward things written by others.  Heaven knows our emailboxes overflow with enough forwardings as it is.  However, the piece below ("Due Process is Broken") is so important that I am making an exception today.  I don't have a clue who the author, Henry Jake Morgan, is and I don't much care.  What he says is so true and so well said that it deserves to be spread around.  You'll notice that it sounds a lot like what I say from time to time.
Let me say it again.  I'm a lawyer.  I'm inside the system and have been here for a long time.  Everybody has the impression that the legal system is broken.  As I am fond of saying - you don't have any idea how bad things really are.  It is broken...irretrievably broken...irremedially unfair, unjust and inaccessible.  Trust me - I know what I am talking about. 
I take the cases that I do in order to make a statement to as many people as possible.  No way can I change anything one case at a time.  I realize that.  What I can do, however - what my unique contribution can be - is to use a politically-incorrect case to illustrate just how bad things are.  Go to jail for saying the "N" word is one example.  Go to jail for "kidnapping" your own kids is another.  There are many others, but those are my current obsessions. 
In the process, I get tarred and feathered along with my clients.  A small price to pay.  But, this I can do.  Therefore, I must do it.  And I will do it. Until finally, as it inevitably must, as it has done with so many other lawyers who buck it, the system decides to dispense with me.
I do my best to help the individuals involved in those cases, of course, and I like to think that I make a very serious difference in their lives.  That gives me immense satisfaction.  However, the major thing I look for in the flood of cases that come at me every day is a mix of facts and circumstances calculated to outrage even the most somnolent lemming.  That is what wakes up the fence sitters, and there are so many of them.  I hear from them every day.  Our ranks are growing, rest assured.
And, I am only one man.  I must also earn a living for my family.  I can really only handle one high-profile case pro bono at a time.  That means I must pass on a great many cases involving injustice and good people.  A great many.  That disturbs me.  But, remember, the system is broken. 
Those individuals that float by me, doomed to be sucked under and devoured, are the flotsam and jetsam from the shipwreck that our society has become. 
Meanwhile, the great masses of lemmings who have not yet become tyrannized are living on borrowed time while they continue to rearrange the deck chairs on a ship which has not yet fully sunk.  They are the ones to whom I am shouting.
It's not just the legal system, though it is the glue that holds all of society together.  Everything is broken now.  Government at all levels.  Religion.  Family.  Everything. 
At some point, you have to step back and see the pattern that emerges.  Could all of this have come to pass by accident?  Think about it.  Broken?  Yes, from the perspective of so many.  But from the viewpoint of many minority interests, the system is only somewhat dysfunctional.  Kenneth Lay is among them.  To a very small, select group, everything is just as it should be.  Bush the Second is one of them.
I see so much CRAP that passes for "solutions" being offered up by every stripe of patriot, rebel, malcontent, religious zealot - crap that masquerades under legal mumbo jumbo.  You see it all the time.  UCC filings to protect our children and our assets is a current fad.  That one doesn't even pretend ever to have been functional.  Trust me - it is an absolute and total waste of time and energy. 
The most deceiving are those that actually used to work or still work when wielded by the "right" people or for the "right" causes (hate crime law enforcement, for example).  In fact, the entire legal system fits in this category. 
One nation, no longer under God, with liberty for none and justice for some.
There is no using the system to fix the system.  Get that message, once and for all.  It is too late to bail water.  It is time to abandon ship.
New America.  An idea whose time has come.


"I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
            - Morpheus

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Due Process Is Broken
(A response by Henry Jake Morgan, henrymorgan1@juno.com)
You bet I'm berating the "so-called" "patriots."  They are, while their hearts may be in the right place, as a rule, being so meatheaded about this as to be virtually useless in effecting a viable solution.  They are generally so enamoured of their pet theories that they refuse to see the forest for the trees. They each have a pet tree that they think is "the real deal", the net result of which is that they wind up in jail where they can't help even if they wanted to.
Virtually ALL of the "patriot" theories dictate solutions which demand the use of due process and "DUE PROCESS IS BROKEN."  How many times are you going to beat your head against the wall (get screwed over by a judge) before you wake up to the fact that DUE PROCESS IS BROKEN and it can't be fixed by using BROKEN DUE PROCESS?
Wake up and smell the coffee. GOVERNMENT IS BROKEN. And you can't fix broken government with broken government any more than you can fix a broken car with that same broken car. You've gotta fix a broken car with something senior to that broken car, like a wrench (that built the broken car to begin with.)
You guys keep on running up the same cattle shute to a dead end over and over and over and over.  (I've been there and done that.) You keep trying new and more esoteric theories; you do research upon research, upon research. You think that you MUST be making some minor technical mistakes. You keep tweaking your paperwork, sharing "new and novel" "discoveries." Then you put together your ULTIMATE ULTIMATE package ......and do what?
You put it right into that same broken cattle shute again and charge up san juan hill with all of your guns blazing and go right down the shute into the garbage bin again.
When are you going to realize, it's not your cases that are lacking. IT'S THE SHUTE THATS BUSTED. Your "employees" have converted the due process shute into a garbage shute. Go ahead, keep jumping in the garbage shute if you want to. KNOCK YOURSELF OUT.
Most so-called patriots have their heads so far up their butts that all they can see is their own teeth and tonsils. So much so that trying to get them to get behind a real solution (Like J.A.I.L. or FIJA) is not only a waste of time, but an actual obstruction (a rock in the road) to actually getting something worthwhile done. I don't even try to recruit them. (And I AM one, and know quite a few.) For every "patriot" out there, there are a thousand pissed off non-patriot folks who have been victimized by the courts and who are thunderstruck and overjoyed to just entertain the thought of putting some judge behind bars. I can recurit 100 of them while I'm arguing with one BULLHEADED PATRIOT.
Their ("patriots") unwillingness (or inability) to recognize a viable solution when it comes along is MONUMENTAL.  They've all been looking at the problem for so long with a microscope that they have tunnelvision and can't or won't step back and look at the big picture. (Or they really, deep down, like things the way they are and actually don't want the problem solved at all.)
The big picture is that the problem isn't a legal one. It is a political one. The constitutions must be amended. The People made the Constitution, and only The People can fix it. The plaintiff or defendant can't. It's that simple.
So if you must insist on spending your life digging in lawbooks and living in jail cells - GO FOR IT. But quit whining about it. Shut up and let the rest of us get on with fixing the problem.
LEAD,.......FOLLOW,.........OR GET ... OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!!